At Tidewater Kennels, we have been raising, training and breeding Labrador Retrievers for more than 39 years.

We are a small kennel with our goal to develop the Labrador Retriever to the greatest potential: as companions, hunting dogs, and for AKC Field Competition.

Our goal sounds simple but it is very challenging in today’s world of specialization.  Over the years we have found that our lovable breed have become very specialized to the task that we have asked them to do.  Consequently, there are specific lines within our breed that have become so specialized that they preclude some of the characteristics that we love in labs. For example, there are some great field trial dogs that are not suitable to the hunter or as a pet. Similarly, there are great hunting lines that are not as affectionate and easily trainable as we would like. And conversely, there are great companion Labradors that dislike retrieving and hate the water. These traits have occurred through the specialization of breeding over the years. What we try to do at Tidewater Kennels is to preserve and enhance a balanced Labrador that has a calm personality, a strong desire to retrieve and please their owner, while at the same time being a lovable, devoted and loyal companion.

We do many things striving for this perfect Labrador:

  • We, of course, look at blood lines.
  • We also diligently test the health of our Labradors via independent testing laboratories.
  • Our breeding program requires both the sire and the dam to have AKC titles. 
  • And, as importantly, we make it a point to personally know, and often train and compete with the dogs outside of our own kennel that are considered for our breeding program.

As a result, we can better predict the kind of puppy you will be getting.

We have one line that goes back four generations and thirty years that has proven to produce wonderfully balanced Labradors that exceeded our goals.

We also limit our breedings to one to two per year. This enables us to be extremely particular with our litters and to provide a great deal of attention and care to our puppies.

For more information on our breeding program, please go to our Litter page.

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